(Electronic Grant Online Resource)


Welcome to GO!EGOR (Electronic Grants Online Resource)
The Arizona Commission on the Arts uses the online application system, GO!EGOR, to receive and review grant applications. GO!EGOR allows the Arts Commission to capture and archive applicant information and allows grant review panelists to review applications in a consistent format. The Arts Commission will not accept applications for grants to organizations and schools by any means other than GO!EGOR.
Before Beginning an Application:

1. Review grant guidelines. Carefully review eligibility requirements, grant program review criteria, eligible fees and restrictions for the program to which your organization intends to apply. Download the grant guidelines, here.

2. Prepare narrative responses. The guides to grants include narrative questions. Applicants are encouraged to prepare narrative responses prior to opening an application in GO!EGOR.

3. Create or update user and organization profiles. 

If the organization or school has not previously applied for a Community Investment, Arts Learning, or Festivals grant in GO!EGOR (new applicant), a profile must be created prior to starting the application.

If the organization or school has applied for funding through one of those programs in GO!EGOR (returning applicant), then the applicant must update the organization profile prior to starting the application.  Do not create a new Organization Profile.

Additional Considerations for NEW Applicant Organizations:
1. FEIN: Please have your organization’s Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) on hand. The Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) is a 9-digit number assigned to the organization by the Internal Revenue Service, and is required. Do not enter your social security number. Failure to enter the FEIN in the organization profile may result in having to start the process again.
2. Fiscal Sponsorship: Organizations that do not have Federal IRS 501(c)3 status are required to use a fiscal agent. If you are using a fiscal agent please take the following steps:
a. Have your fiscal agent create a user and an organization profile.
b. Create an organization profile for your organization, and associate it with the fiscal agent (instructions provided within the system).
c. Have your fiscal agent approve your organization as a sponsoree.
d. Return to the GO!EGOR page, click "Log In" and proceed with your application.
After completing the above steps:
New Applicants: select "Sign Up" from the above menu.
Returning Applicants: select "Log In" from the above menu. Once you are successfully logged in, click on "Manage Account" to review and update your organization profile.